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When is it a good idea to hire an email marketing agency?

As online advertising methods increase in popularity, more and more companies are turning to email marketing as an inexpensive, efficient way to increase ROI.

A professional can maximize your results and put you on the path to easier, more effective marketing. Below are a few of the benefits of this useful strategy.

Email marketing is simple. (If you know what you are doing)
An email marketing campaign doesn’t require extensive research, long meetings or complicated machinery.

What is does require is good, relevant content and a clean layout. With a bit of assistance from an email marketing agency, you can get started relatively quickly.

There are many, one-size-fits-all web-based email marketing programs available.

The challenge however, is not to look and sound like all of your competitors who are sending broadcast emails. Be unique and relevant, and your customers and prospects will look forward to getting your emails.

The great thing about most email marketing systems is that you’ll find list segmentation and targeting capabilities, metrics tracking systems, and bounce reporting.

Email marketing is inexpensive
Forget the days of direct mail, with its endless production, materials and postage costs.

Email marketing eliminates most of the overhead costs normally associated with a marketing campaign. When your marketing budget is tight, you want to spend money on the things that really matter, not waste funds on unnecessary paper, ink and postage.

Virtual marketing solutions are twenty times cheaper than traditional mailings, often costing as little as fractions of a penny per email. Get rid of the paper, and maximize your advertising dollar.

Email marketing attracts more web traffic
While a traditional marketing campaign may only draw a small amount of traffic to your website, email marketing maximizes the number of hits you receive, creating a constant stream of new, potential customers.

With email marketing, you can embed links in emails, creating a convenient way for your readers to access your site.

Prospects are much more likely to click a link in an already-opened email than to access a website after viewing a direct-mail piece.

Email marketing is measurable
It’s much easier to examine the metrics of an email marketing campaign than to analyze the data from a traditional advertising strategy.

Email marketing programs measure results in terms of “opens” and CTRs (Click Through Rates), showing you which prospects on your list chose to access your site. You’ll be astonished at the reporting capabilities of the system.

Email marketing connects people to your business
When customers are ready to buy a product you sell, you want them to think of your company immediately.

Your email marketing agency will help you keep your readers aware of your presence, helping you stay top-of-mind with current customers and future prospects.

Staying in touch with your client base allows them to maintain a continued personal connection with you – they’re more likely to make purchases or repeat purchases from a company they know well.

Your email newsletters, updates and promotional offers will connect clients to your business, enticing them back to your product again and again.

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